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Profile ( DBSK )

DBSK is a South Korean pop quintet formed under SM Entertainment in 2003. DBSK is a five member boy band.

U-Know Yunho
Shim Changmin
Hero Jaejoong
Micky Yoochun
Xiah Junsu

In July 2009, three of the original five members (Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu) filed a lawsuit against their parent company SM Entertainment and subsequently formed a group called JYJ. Due to the still-ongoing lawsuit, virtually all of TVXQ's public activities and appearances were suspended for approximately one year until SM Entertainment announced in November 2010 that TVXQ would return as a duo in early 2011.
The two remaining members (Yunho and Changmin) released a new album, Keep Your Head Down, in South Korea on January 5, 2011. Their single (Keep Your Head Down) was released by Avex Trax in Japan on January 26, 2011. They are currently preparing for the release of a new full-length Japanese album to be released September 28, 2011.
According to Gaon Chart, TVXQ has sold over 9.1 million copies throughout their career in Korea and Japan alone, excluding sales from other Asian and international countries.

U-know Yunho (born February 6, 1986) is a Korean singer dancer. He is the team’s leader and the bass vocal part of the group.
Having too many thoughts being a distinctive character trait of an A-blood type, Yunho also carries this trait. He won the Best Dancer award from SM and is the most talented in dancing. His hobby is to choreograph. Yunho has experience as a rapper from Dana’s 1st album song, Diamond. He likes to play basketball, and is talented in martial arts (hap ki do), for he placed 3rd in a contest. On the other hand, he enjoys writing fictional stories and has diverse thoughts.

Name: U-know
Real Name: Jung Yunho
Korean Name: 유노윤호
Chinese Name: 瑜鹵允浩
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 06 February, 1986
Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
Star Sign: Aquarius
Height: 184cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood type: A
Family: Father, mother and one younger sister
Hobbies: Music, reading, playing sports, composing music
Specialty: Dancing
Band: TVXQ | DBSK | DBSG | Tohoshinki
Position: Bass, Baritone, Leader, Lead dancer
Religion: Christian
Favourite Colors: Green
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

TV Shows
Poseidon (SBS, 2011)
Welcome to the Show (SBS, 2011, cameo)
Heading to the Ground (MBC, 2009)
Vacation (2006)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

Facts about U-Know Yunho:
1. Is the best fighter.
2. He has the deepest thoughts.
3. he likes to write stories especially when it is raining. *so romantic…*
4. he took on numerous odd jobs to pay for his sisters tution fees during the ninth grade. Some of them were: sprinkling snow with sand so that people do not slip and tying up bottles for recycling. (this was during korea’s depression) He also used to sleep in the train station.(he didnt care where he slept last time because during that time he thought that having enough sleep is the most important.)
5. He had his tooth fixed because he said it was bothering him and his singing. *really??*
6. He can reach the lowest in the group. *but he’s the second tallest??*
7. during debut he was the fatest in the group and he had man boobs o_0 lol. He had to do special exercise to get fat away around THAT area.
8. sleeps diagonally.
9. he wakes up the earliest and wakes the other members.
10. he LOVES little children. He wants to have 25 should think twice before becoming his wife hahah:P *…that’s a little too much…*
11. he loves music. He has written a song ’spokesman’.It is a rock-ish song.It’s mostly rapping.I recommend you on listening because he screamed WOAH!!power.(he performed it in their rising sun concert and in a episode of NEW XMAN.)
12. he is responsible.
13. he is very dedicated in his career.
14. he wants to be a PD if he was not a singer.
15. his first performance was not with dbsk but it was in dana’s diamond.
16. people mistake him to be with Dana but he said clearly that they were just very close friends.Dana also said they were just friends.
17. he has two scars on his face.
18. he admires the girl from the drama my sassy girl.
19. he used to be quite short.
20. he is very competitive.(He said that he is competitive not that he WANTS to win but he said that he always tries his best in everything he do because he wants to lose without feeling that he could have done better.)
21. has a mole on the left side of his mouth.
22. is christian.I’m guessing his catholic because he goes to catholic university.
23. he does not like to cry in public.
24. he can do break dance. *that’s obvious right?*
25. he wears glasses.
26. he says he his flaw is his small face.
27. he has 4 piercings.
28. he has NO tatoos.
29. he smokes/use to smoke. It is unknown whether he stopped.
30. members say that he is very manly and very sexy in a manly way.All members respect him alot.
31. He is the only member that was never mistaken to be a girl.(LOL) *absolutely*
32. he likes to tease girls until they cry. For a good example watch the special Xman episode with Yuri hahahaha..LOL
33. During the scene in Yunho’s Tokyo Holiday where he was saying that he was the best member in DBSK (LOL Micky is a playboy,Jaejoong loves to comb Barbie dolls hair and Max and Xiah LOL LOL!!!)Yunho was afraid to say he was the best and he felt awkward.(he was afraid the other members will get angry at him.)
34. he was poisoned by the anti-fan during the filming of heroin 6. He was so kind he did not want to press charges on that girl because he said the girl was almost same age with his sister. * *
35. (I think it was him) Some of the members from super junior(I forgot which one) knew that Yunho bought a leather jacket.They told Yunho that to know whether the jacket was fake or real he had to burn it.Of course they were kidding. But Yunho really burn the jacket and bye bye jacket. *…poor him…no poor the jacket….*
36. he likes to steal food from the other members.
37. he actually has a korean dialect.
38. he has one younger sister and a dad and mom.His dad and mom used to be fighting to become school president.In the end they fell in love with each other) *ah…so romantic…*
39. Yunho was supposed to debut in a 5 or 4 member group with Jaejoong and the others were super junior members. *that group was supposed to be Four seasons…with Heechul and KangIn from Suju…*
40. Yunho takes a LONG time in the shower.Xiah says that he sings at least 3 songs and does 3 dance routines in the bathroom(LOL) **
41. Yunho used to teach dancing. *handsome teacher…*
42. Yunho(and/or Xiah)gets very serious before a performance so DON’T TALK TO HIM.hahaha…
43. Yunho brings his bambi doll everywhere he goes…(he call’s it his daughter).

Max Changmin is the youngest member of Korean Boy Band TVXQ / DBSK (Tohoshinki).
Shim Changmin (심창민) was grouped with the youngest participants in the audition.
Like Xiah Junsu, he impressed the judges with his powerful voice. He joined the band under the name Choikang Changmin (최강창민;the English counterpart to his stage name is Max). Choikang in Korean means "the best;" "Max" became an international rendition of this name.
Changmin may be the second famous guy in Tohoshinki after Hero Jaejoong.

Stage Name : MAX Choi Kang Chang Min (최강창민 or 最强昌珉)
Birth name: Shim Chang Min (심창민, 沈昌珉)
Born: February 18, 1988
Profession: Singer, actor and model
Genre(s):K-pop, J-pop, A cappella, Pop, RnB
Birthplace: Seoul (서울)
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Star sign: Aquarius
Family: Mother, Father,2 younger sisters
Position: Tenor/high vocals
Religion: Buddhist(Bool Gyo)
Interests: Listening to music, singing
Strengths: Singing, dancing 6th Annual SM Entertainment: Best Youth Competition 1st Place and ‘Best Singing’ Award
Years active:2004–present
Label(s)SM Entertainment (Korea)Avex Trax & Rhythm Zone (Japan)
Associated acts:SMTown,TVXQ/DBSK
Musicians he looks up to: Brian Mcknight, Shin Hyesung, Kangta.
Fav. Movie: Harry Potter, most anything that's fun.
Favorite flower: ...buht kkot
Fav. TV show: I don't watch too much TV.
Fav. Food: I like almost everything.
Fav. Fruit: tangerines, bananas, oranges.
Nicest thing I did: When i volenteered to clean up my school.
My most important possession: CD player.
Something I want to say:'ll do my best at everything.
People you respect: People who work hard.
Ideal birthday present: Anything is good.
Habits: goofing off with friends.
Fav. Animal: Dog.

TV Shows
Welcome to the Show (SBS, 2011, cameo)
Paradise Ranch (SBS, 2011)
Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010)
Vacation (2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

6th Annual Best Competition SM Entertainment Awards: Best Singer
6th Annual Best Competition SM Entertainment Awards: Best Artist

Facts about Shim Chang Min:
1.He is the tallest int he group.
2.He is the youngest in the group.
3.The members call him the most mature in the group.
4.He is known to talk less, and eat more.
5.His personal replies to fans on a Korean celebrity website “UFO” are popular on the internet.
6.He now has 2 piercings(one in left ear, one in right ear) which he got recently.
7.His childhood dream was to be tv announcer.
8.His favorite color is purple.
9.Wants to be the Best/Max in the entertainment world so stage name is Max Changmin
10.LOVES to sleep so really hard to wake him up
11.greedy when it comes to music, so sometimes cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing
12.Best swimmer in the group
13.He has a huge appetite
14.tries very hard at schoolwork and reading
15.Got into one of South Korea’s top universities

Kim Jaejoong (김재중, 金在中) or Hero, Youngwoong Jaejoong (in South Korea) is a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ, known as Dong Bang Shin Ki in South Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan.
Hero (JaeJoong) from Korean boyband TVXQ is voted as the prettiest Asian men in a poll organised by China’s Xingkong TV channel.

Jae Joon Biography and history :
Hero was born as Han Jaejoon (한재준, 韓在俊) in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. At a young age, Hero was given up for adoption by his birth mother to the Kims and his name was changed to Kim Jaejoong. When he was sixteen, he moved to Seoul by himself in order to take part in the auditions held by SM Entertainment. Life in Seoul proved to be hard for Hero and he had to take various odd jobs to come up with the ₩150,000 needed for the rent. He once took on a role as a soldier in the movie Taegeukgi Hwinallimyeo (태극기 휘날리며); with the money he acquired from the job he used the money to buy gum, which he sold to a female employee at a supermarket.
On December 26, 2003, he debuted with TVXQ at a BoA and Britney Spears showcase under the name a fortune teller foretold years before: YoungWoong JaeJoong. Youngwoong means “hero” in Korean, hence his international name, Hero. Jaejoong also had picked the name Hero because he wanted to be the hero of the music industry. Jaejoong was selected from an audition of 5000 people. Jaejoong won first place, both in best looking and best vocals. That made him the main vocal of TVXQ.

Stage Name: Hero, YoungWoong JaeJoong (영웅재중/英雄在中), Jejung (in Japan – ジェジュン)
Real Name: Kim Jae Joong (Hangul: 김재중; Hanja: 金在中; Japanese: キム・ジェジュン)
Birth Name: Han Jae Joong

Religion: Christian
Job: Lead Vocal, Middle High
Birthday: January 26, 1986
Birthplace: Choong Nam
Star sign: Aquarius
Education: Senior (Last Year of High School)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg (can be changing from times to times)
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Games and listening to music
Special Ability: Singing
K-group: TVXQ
Position: Main vocal
Talent Agency: SM Entertainment

-doesn't have to be pretty
-has to have pretty hands and feet
-probably will end up marrying a FAN (:
-not very picky with girls
-his mommy wants him to bring home a baby
-his ideal type of a girl is someone who LOOKS very innocent in the outside , but is actually very dirty inside 8)
-if he likes someone , he'll become detached to her , probably cause he's nervous (: (so cute)

TV Shows
Tengoku e no Yuubin Haitatsunin (TV Asahi, 2011)
Protect the Boss (SBS, 2011)
Telecinema: Heaven's Postman (SBS, 2010)
Sunao ni Narenakute (Fuji TV, 2010)
Vacation (2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

Taegukgi (2004) cameo

14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2010): Best Supporting Actor (Sunao ni Narenakute)
2nd Annual SM Entertainment "Best Competition": 1st Place for Best Appearance

TV Show Theme Songs:
Neoegen Ibyeol Naegen Gidarim (너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림) To You It's Separation, For Me It's Waiting, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
JYJ - Chajatda (찾았다) Found, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
TVXQ - Cheon Nyeon Yeon Ga (천년연가) Thousand Year Love Song, The Legend (2007)
TVXQ - Harudal (하루달) Day Moon, Air City (2007)
TVXQ - All In Vain, Air City (2007)
TVXQ - Remember, Goong S (2007)
TVXQ - Geurigo (그리고...) Holding Back the Tears, Vacation (2006)

Facts about Kim JaeJoong:
1.He has a birthmark on his neck.
2.He feels like a woman when Yunho touches him.
3.He has a phobia of coke, because once, he was entering a coca cola drinking contest and he fainted after drinking cola. Hence, he is now scared of it.
4.He donated blood for their cookies.. because he didnt have enough money for food back then.
5.Jaejoong naturally doesn't have pit hair (well very very little). He said he shaved to make it grow, but it just doesn't grow.
6.Jaejoong was a Chinese Soldier extra in the movie Tae Guk Gi, Brotherhood of War
7.Jaejoong likes texting the members when they're not with him. he's constantly worried about them
8.Before debut , Kim JaeJoong bought Kim Ki Bum ( from Super Junior , I guess. ) and Changmin alcohol, but they were caught by the manager because they came in later.
9.Afraid of water cause he can't swim. (LMFAOO SOOOOOO CUTE ♥ !)
10.likes to wear his ring on his fourth finger and feels uncomfortable when it is on other fingers
11.Taught himself how to play the piano
12.Has a thing for the Han River; his ideal date is walking near the han river and when he's stressed, he likes to listen to music at the han river
13.Has eight sisters and he's adopted
14.Can't trust himself with dating younger girls because he has never taken care of a girl younger than him
15.Only likes women his age or older
16.Loves the mirror and the color black
17.Wanted to be the owner of a super market
18.Wants to visit SWITZERLAND (: (i'll come with you ! ;D)
19.Very shy and sensitive
20.Wears eyemasks to sleep
21.Hates loud noises
22.As you should know, he has a dog named VICK , a great pyrenees. His name comes from Jae's nickname which is "VISUAL SHOCK" so he made it shorter to VICK
23.Drives a dark blue LEXUS IS
24.Likes to eat cereal at night
25.Likes to watch foreign movies and fantisize about the female lead
26.Shares underwear with junsu
27.Makes funny faces in his sleep (:
28.He's the biggest drinker out of the group.

Micky Yoochun or Park Yoochun was the last member added to korean boy band Tohoshinki. He plays the role Bass-Baritone in the group.
Yoochun grew up in Virginia, United States, and back to Korea in 2003. Yoochun also joined the KBN Teens Singing Competition in 2003 and received the Special Award for the said competition.

Name: 믹키유천 / Micky Yoochun
Japanese name: ユチョン / Yuchun
Chinese name: 秘奇有天 / Mi Qi You Tian
Real name: 박유천 / Park Yoo Chun

Profession: Singer and actor
Position: Vocal (Bass-baritone)
Birthdate: June 4, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 182cm
Weight: 64kg
Education: 1st year university student
Hobbies: Composing music and basketball
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: O
Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing music
Family: Younger brother/actor Park Yoo Hwa
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

TV Shows
Miss Ripley (MBC, 2011)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010)
Vacation (2006)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actor Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens' Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

TV Show Theme Songs
JYJ - Chajatda (찾았다) Found, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
TVXQ - Cheon Nyeon Yeon Ga (천년연가) Thousand Year Love Song, The Legend (2007)
TVXQ - Harudal (하루달) Day Moon, Air City (2007)
TVXQ - All In Vain, Air City (2007)
TVXQ - Remember, Goong S (2007)
TVXQ - Geurigo (그리고...) Holding Back the Tears, Vacation (2006)

Facts about Micky:
1.Micky's ability to make girls faint just by smiling
2.Micky doesn't like wearing contacts
3.Micky's hat collection (over 200 hats)
4.Micky's inability to dance - but he learned quickly!
5.Micky used to smoke but quit already
6.Micky's famous quote, "Sucks! This Stupid!" in the SM training lessons
7.Micky was scouted and didn't need to audition
8.Micky has such love for his family
9.Micky still cries when he thinks about how he couldn't say "I love you" to his family when leaving the airport from America (family still lives in Virginia)
10.Micky still has a bit of innocence in him when he admitted he still likes Astro boy and Micky Mouse
11.Micky cancelled his American citizenship and stated he will go to the Korean Army when the time comes and remain a Korean citizen
12.Micky was sick and in hospital, the remaining four of TVXQ had to perform a song on stage, but Changmin was nervous so Yunho grabbed Changmin by the arm, looked straight into his eyes and said, "I believe in you."
13.Micky was sick and before the performance, TVXQ said, "FIGHTING!" but Yunho put his hand in last and said, "This is Micky's hand"
14.Micky heard Yunho crying in the middle of the night and went to see what happened because he cared for him
15.Micky found out he was crying because he could see a ghost and he started crying too because he was even more scared
16.Micky's English!
17.Micky cannot stand the smell of Japanese soy-bean paste "natto"
18.Micky slipped in a Tri-Angle performance at a concert
19.Micky's ability to clap with his feet when standing up
20.Yoochun's sexy red Ferrari
21.Yoochun's piggy pajama's
22.Easily crying
23.Micky's PERFECT heart shaping thingy with his hands
24.Yoochun's cute fobbish way of saying "water"
25.Yoochun's lovely headphones~
26.Yoochun acting like a kindergartener
27.Yoochun and Junsu went to the same high school
28.Yoochun looking so much like Harry Potter
29.The same shirt Yoochun(RIVAL) and Yunho(HOTMAIL) wore
30.Yoochun's lovely shades in the Photobook
31.Yoochun's sexy Adam's apple << slowdanse's personal favorite
32.Yoochun's fuzzy scarf in the Magic Castle outfits
33.Yoochun's fuzzy jacket which makes him look like a eskimo
34.Yoochun's face expression that makes him look constipated
35.Micky saying "Everyone~ I think I've fallen in love. With all of my
fans" before performing Whatever They Say at a Ting concert
36.Yoochun's gangster self back in Virginia
37.Yoochun kisses at the camera screen
38.Yoochun acts like a little kid
39.Micky saying Aegiyah in a sexy way
40.Yoochun is Christian

Kim Junsu or his stage name Xiah Junsu is a vocalist from TOhoshinki. He is one of Favorite Idol listed in Easy 11 Magazine as long as Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun.
Kim Jungsu is a song writer also. H wrote the lyrics for the song “노을..바라보다 (Picture of You)” from the fourth Korean album, ‘MIROTIC’.

Real Name: Kim Junsu (김준수)/(金俊秀)
Stage Names: Xiah, Xiah Junsu, Junsoo
Japanese name: ジュンス / Junsu
Chinese name: 细亚俊秀 / Xi Ya Zun Xiu

Birthdate: December 15, 1986
Birthplace: Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: B
K-pop Group: Dong Bang Shin Gi
Position: Vocals – Middle high
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Piano, Soccer
Family: Twin brother/singer Kim Jun Ho
Specialty: Singing, dancing
Talent Agency: SM Entertainment

TV Shows
Scent of a Woman (SBS, 2011) cameo
Vacation (2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

TV Show Theme Songs
Too Love, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
TVXQ - Chajatda (찾았다) Found, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
TVXQ - Cheon Nyeon Yeon Ga (천년연가) Thousand Year Love Song, The Legend (2007)
TVXQ - Harudal (하루달) Day Moon, Air City (2007)
TVXQ - All In Vain, Air City (2007)
TVXQ - Remember, Goong S (2007)
Beautiful Thing - Vacation (2006)
TVXQ - Geurigo (그리고...) Holding Back the Tears, Vacation (2006)

Facts about Xiah:
1. When he is surrounded by fans his face will become red!
2. He can't stand straight and likes to move when standing, so don't be surprised if he start dancing 'wave' suddenly.
3. He hates people to pull his hair.
4. He doesn’t like carbonated drinks and likes to drink ‘nutritious drinks’.
5. He has sensitive skin so don’t give him make up as presents.
6. He will become very excited if people talk to him about soccer.
7. He drinks nutritious drinks to protect his voice.
8. He will get angry if people talk to him about adult film.
9. Although he likes to work but their schedule is very busy so need to rest also.
10.When he is tired of working and you talk to him about soccer he will get very excited again.
11.Composed and sang “My Page”, which was performed in the 2nd Live Asia Tour Concert
12.Junsu wears briefs because it`s `uncomfortable` wearing boxers when he`s dancing.
13.Junsu wears loose clothing when he goes to sleep.
14.JunSu takes after his dad.
15.Junsu's mom was a former Miss Korea.
16.Jaejoong and Junsu even lend each other's underwear.

Love in the Ice
Korean Version 

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